Sarafina Estelle d'Avonna

Her Serene Highness, Principessa Sarafina, the Jewel of Calestrina. The bloodline of d'Avonna is one of the most ancient in Montevalno. It has barely managed to hold onto its power over Calestrina after a revolt a century ago, leaving Sarafina and Prospero the only surviving scions of d'Avonna's first line.

Her artistic genius is as highly temperamental as it is intelligent. She has been described as thoroughly bourgeois to some, sublimely refined by others, and to even more she might be sentimental, mercurial, passionate, careless, sweet, vindictive, eccentric, mocking, irresponsible and blase, depending on who you ask.

The Royal House of Amber, Mandrake, de Sorgo, Feldane, Bayle and Karm, as well as Prince Benedict, Princess Deirdre, Princess Flora and Contessa Rosamunde are currently known patrons of Lady Estelle. She had led a quiet, unostentatious life, indifferent to the world's praise until a century ago, when she suddenly emerged from behind the stage. The time coincided with the torching of her family by a rival power. Recently, Prospero's death has resulted in Sarafina becoming the sole heir to a principality that does not allow women to rule in their own right.

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