Real Di'Terinza Veraccio

Real Di'Terinza Veraccio was born in Calestrina, in Montevalno. A famous song, "The Weekend War of Cinqa" was written on the instance of his conception (though most only consider this to be a tale of Gerard's virile strength). His is well-known to be the bastard son of Gerard, and a house servant by the name of Rosemary Esmerelde Veraccio. Taken in by the Rosetti noble family, he received the greatest education in the Collegias of Calestrina. However, it is said that he abandoned such a life to live a bohemian one upon the streets, and in the bars. He was taken on as an artist in the employ of Contessa Rosamunde, and shown the way to Amber. After years of enjoying his time in shadow, he has returned to the Eternal City, to pursue his fortunes - such as they may be.

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