Petrus Pitello

Son of Lord Ilario Pitello and a foreign woman, Petrus is generally assumed to be the heir of the Pitello Family, which retook the state of Serminia from House Scupio in recent years. He sometimes represents Serminian interests abroad, but has more recently been associated with the upstart city Fortuna.

Petrus's early life in Montevalno was not a particularly loud one - he studied the arts and hobnobbed, as is right and proper for any noble of Montevalno, and traveled extensively without calling any one place home, but the politicking ended for him at some point, and Petrus was not seen in Montevalno again for a number of years - until the Pitellos cleaned out House Scupio.

He's not known as a great patron, though, he has secured sponsorships for a few, such as the undine Meijanri Kell, whose talents with glass are nothing short of magical, and whose appearance produced awe and horror in equal parts at a recent Salone. While Petrus is not generally known as an accomplished artist, he is known to be a rather brutal fighter when the occasion calls for it and a bit of a mystic.

Rumor has it he's been behind more than a few assassinations in Montevalno, all performed with a healthy dose of style. Occasionally, he's accused of committing heroic deeds in faraway lands.

Such slander. Really.

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