The highest point on Ilse Lutto (The Isle of Mourning), a large landmass in the sea southeast of Calestrina. Ilse Lutto earned its name long ago, when the volcanoes that formed its black earth were slowly going dormant. At the time, one of the greatest cities in Montevalno was nestled on the northern shore. Ricchezza (lit. "Abundance," for the rich soil supported bountiful crops) was snuffed out one night by what was assumed to be a huge volcanic explosion that blew the top off Montenegro. Trees were leveled for miles around, and ash buried the entire island. The entire Ricchezza culture and population was destroyed in a matter of hours; even those who would have been out to sea were docked for the night.

In these times, the volcano is long dormant, but no new cities have called the large island home. A few towns line the northern shore, home to tourism (the forests are quite lovely, as are the black beaches of the shore) and the occasional archeological dig, but the interior of the island is said to be haunted, and strange mythical beasts dwell in the dark forests there.

And looming over the island and the sea, from the southern range, is Montenegro, reported home of The Malvagio (lit. "The Wicked," read as "Warlock"). Sailors claim that the southern cliffs show the outcroppings of towers and a fortress, as if a giant castle once stood on the mountain, but was swallowed whole by the rock below. Some even claim to run supplies to it, offloaded by a dwarf, and still others claim weird lights and the occasional explosion of fire in the area.

The Malvagio himself…well, no one can agree on him, in looks or temperament. This makes him a prime resource to mine for various plays, artworks, and poems over the years.

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