Ilario Pitello

Most of what is known of Ilario is uncertain. What is known is this: he is father to Petrus and Victoria Pitello. His hated foes, the Scupio family, were annihilated upon his recent return to Serminia. He is known to be an aged man, but few are certain quite how aged he might be. Certainly a century or two. Possibly more.

There are many rumours surrounding Ilario. Some claim he learned magics in the depths of secret Pathi. Yet others swear he made a pact with dark gods of vengeance in Kitezh. A few whisper he has allied himself with the Black Road. It is generally believed he has been to Alhambra, but no one knows exactly /where/ in Alhambra, or why.

Ultimately, there is more speculation than fact regarding Ilario. One thing is fairly certain: all who have wronged him are dead - or still begging for their end.

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