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NixxieNixxie 20 Nov 2013 00:18
in discussion About the Setting / Events and Festivals » Palio

Another Italian type tradition is Palio. Basically it's an athletic contest with stuff like horse racing, archery, jousting, etc. As a twist that even suits Montevalno? The competitors compete in costume.

It sounds a bit like the olympics in that you have teams, though in this it's usually hamlets/cities. More, all the events are medieval in nature. So we can come up with anything we like since that fits the theme pretty well.

Another option? Adding in other contests like wine making, art, storytelling, etc.

Palio by NixxieNixxie, 20 Nov 2013 00:18

Some of these ideas don't really work for RP. (I mean, who wants to RP standing and watching a parade?) Some of them, on the other hand…

The Masquerade ball is a big one. Especially since it is a /masq/ and people will all be in disguise and it opens up opportunities for them that they don't normally have. It also ICly could draw more people to the shadow.

I like the prank/mischief idea, but incorporating it into RP is a little harder, unless we have pranksters at the various scenes. Like someone causing 'trouble' at the masq, or another party. Someone selling masqs for the ball that have /something/ odd about them. Magic or mundane.

Re: Carnival by NixxieNixxie, 19 Nov 2013 03:00

Okay, Carnival (using the one in Venice for reference) is an annual thing. The biggest part of it is the masks and costumes/disguises.

It began as a feast then evolved. Low-class, nobles, didn't really matter. Especially since they were all in costume. (As a note? Mardi Gras is essentially the same thing. They occur at the same time)

There are parades, masquerade balls, music, parties, pranks and other mischief.

Carnival is technically one day, but is generally celebrated for a week, sometimes more. Some people go out in costume/with masks the entire time.

So, we have those as options. (And I'll be adding more as I find more details, but this is a good starting point)

Carnival by NixxieNixxie, 18 Nov 2013 04:11
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