Fortuna is a city nestled between Serminia and Aventia, founded almost precisely the same time as refugees fled the great conflagration that ended the war between Serminia, Aventia, and the black road. Eerily, the city has all the hallmarks of having been planned for a sudden influx of a great many people.

Fortuna is apparently a neutral city, if such a thing is possible. It pays no taxes to Serminia or to Aventia, and keeps an open border with both, though the reverse may or may not be true. Many of the people in positions of power and in various offices and councils are foreigners to Montevalno, and appear to have been hand-picked for their positions. Some are openly anti-Serminian. However, Petrus Pitello is known to be associated with the place, and wherever there is a Pitello, there are looming questions to be found.

Some times has passed since its founding, and there is now adequate housing for residents, though many have ambitions to build less-hasty homes. This is good, for the upstart city is attracting new residents of all kinds, and there is plenty of room to grow in the city.

There are several pockets of luxury in the city; in one, representatives from other nations of Montevalno (and now abroad, as well), have taken to occupying some of the rather ostentatious houses that were being constructed when refugees were still living in makeshift dormitories. In others, the various types of 'haves' in the city attempt to out-do each other; officials (now, some of whom appear to be elected - a dirty word), bureaucrats, and business leaders, and so forth.

If one looks for it, there is always a party, or a gala, or something of the sort to be found. The 'haves' of Fortuna very much have begun to see themselves as a wordly party, and have very vocal (and uninformed) opinions about all manner of things. They are true to the Montevalnan stereotype, and loving it.

Major Features

  • Fortuna has a a fledgeling University, which is to stand apart from the Collegia. While still under construction (and will be for quite some time) there are various forms of instruction going on there.
  • It is rumored there was once a great worm burrowing around under the city, which has since been slain. Rumor has it that there are miles of worm-dug tunnels and the like beneath Fortuna; these rumors are correct.


Fortuna's leadership was basically seeded with two types of people: foreigners to Montevalno (who may in some percentage be operatives of other governments), and people with skeletons in their closets. Many of them have had their skeletons shared out with other officials, and the seeds of discord have been planted between them. While this ensures that they are corrupt, it also ensures that they are not particularly interested in rocking the boat, and not overly prone to trying to consolidate power. Petrus's actual influence in Fortuna is small (and getting smaller), arising mostly from the play of favors and debts between him and various city officials.

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