Florimel's history has long been intertwined with Montevalno. She is the sole child of King Oberon of Amber and Queen Dybele. Flora married Duke Marcello of Paloma and bore him a daughter, Rosamund. When the Duke ran off with Alejandra Karm, Paloma created the state of Aventia and established Rose as the Contessa. It is not wise to mention the Duke to Florimel, and she refers to him only as 'That Man'.

Her sons Antonio de Visforza, Comte San Angelo and Romeo Caravaggio D'Florimel were raised in Montevalno, and her son Ginovanni B. Casanova maintains a residence in Fortuna. She vehemently denies rumors that her children spy for her.

Florimel was briefly wed to Eduardo de Sarevecchi of Corvecchia after an extremely short engagement. Eduardo died mysteriously in his sleep while on their honeymoon. Florimel is now the Contessa de Corvecchia, a responsibility she handles mostly in absentia.

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