Montevalno is a collection of principalities and city states. Titles vary, and so much creativity has gone into means of address and details of heraldry as to make them virtually useless. By necessity, these nobles are collectively referred to as patrona, an honorific that speaks to their unique role in Mon Society. They make the greatest sacrifice for their country, setting aside their personal artistry in favor of doing the duty that allows others to follow their hearts. The Patrona are respected, but also pitied, and many a Patron has bankrupted himself trying to demonstrate that one can be both an artist and Patron.

This is not to say the Patrona are all petty fools, but they tend to drift that way, and those who decide to embrace their role and grow a bit overly adventurous tend to meet an appropriately tragic end. So appropriately tragic that the tales of ambitious Patrona and their fall are the bread and butter of Mons theater.


Montevalno is rich and fertile, and obviously it is capable of exporting art and artists. Since it lacks a shadowpath, however, Montevalno does not have the large-scale trade network that is typical of the rest of the Golden Circle.


Montevalno prefers to fight with mercenaries. There are always young bucks looking to study "the art of war" but they make better armchair generals than soldiers. Still, soldiering is a good profession in Montevalno, for those without the means or talent for a better education, and while they are not particularly hardened, they can field some very well trained and well equipped infantry (halberdiers and pike mostly) and crossbowmen.

Cultural References

There are many places on the web to find helpful information on renaissance Italy. Montevalno is not intended to be a recreation of that place and time but having some real-world landmarks to guide by is a big help.

Here is a list of Venetian Surnames if you're looking for a family name or even for a House that wants to kill you.

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