Calestrina is one of Montevalno’s major states. The principality centers around the port city by the same name and features elegant forests, imposing mountains and beautiful beaches.


Art permeates every level of the city, from the lowest commoner to the highest principe, everyone aspires to an artful, almost poetic lifestyle. The ensuing politics and scheming are no less vicious than other states, perhaps more so, for its low murder rates is made up by a disproportionately high number of deaths that are recorded under suicide.


Filthy rich and awash in opulent wealth, Calestrina imports most of its staples from other states, and the shortage is sometimes conveniently, or mysteriously, supplied from sources in other shadows. It exports art in all its forms, from the more traditional sculptures and paintings to exotic combination of drugs, architecture, and even artists themselves.


Unlike other city states, Calestrina was ruled by Family d’Avonna for over one thousand years with minimum disturbances until near a century ago. Family Borina, more powerful of the lesser families, torched most of the ruling family during a private family gathering. The vengeance from the two remaining d’Avonna scions were swift, thorough, and deadly.

Recent years have seen Principe Prospero fall to the hand of a weir alpha, leaving Sarafina the sole heir of the family d'Avonna. The Council of Custodians, traditionally a body that helped fill in where the ruling family did not focus overmuch, had become increasingly active since the d'Avonna family's culling, possibly due to Sarafina's long absences after she became the d'Avonna head.

With Sarafina absent in practical terms for roughly two years, Calestrina finds itself at a critical junction - where the coming months will shape the political future of this prosperous state.

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