The Guild of Attendants is something of an open secret in Fiorra, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get true words of its inner workings. What is known is that three centuries ago, a shrewd noblewoman grew dissatisfied with the bodyguards she was able to hire when they kept meeting with failure to save her family from vendetta. So she hatched a plan, renounced her noble ties, and was not heard from again for many years.

Rosalia Fierla reinvented herself. She took her family's money and bought a country estate. She took orphaned children and gave them a home. More than that, she gave them training. They were taught courtly manners, weaponry, poisons, and the arts of courtesans. They were given Collegia educations and the finest her money could buy, and slowly they were let out to the richest and wealthiest members of society, for a high price, as the finest bodyguards money could buy. But more than that, they were companions for the nobles. Confidants, advisors, and in some cases lovers.

In this manner the Guild of Attendants was born, and it knows some of the most well kept secrets in Fiorra, and perhaps some of the other provinces. Its members do not come cheap, but their loyalty, while their patron is alive and paying, is something you can trust your life to. They still seek out orphans and others who wish to enter their service, and their head quarters are still, nominally, the country estate bought by Rosalia. The founder herself is dead, and no one is quite sure who took her position some fifty years ago. But business is booming.

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