In Montevalno, Adrianna is known as a charming socialite, a fantastic artist, and a courtesan of the highest repute. She's also heir to the Principality of Paloma, given that she's the daughter of the Duke Marcello and his former wife, Alejandra of Karm. Princessa Rose is her half-sister, which Adri will begrudgingly admit to on occasion.

Adri has two reptilian companions: A black corn snake by the name of Savio and an armadillo lizard named Abraxas. Recently, she has been also seen with a black wolf she calls by Marietta, which started a sudden and lasting fad of wolves becoming the pet of the elite in not only Paloma, but other parts of Montevalno.

She seems to have a passion for tattoos, as evidenced by the full back piece she often bares proudly. Rumor has it that for the right people and the right price, she is a skin artist herself.

Rumor also has it that she's associated with the Black Collegia, though in what respect alternates by the one doing the whispering.

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