Welcome to Montevalno

Montevalno is a shadow on The Road to Amber MUSH. It is a place where death and life are celebrated with equal vigor. Art is of the utmost importance as is the appreciation of it. It infuses everything a Montevalnan does from the lowliest wretch to the loftiest noble.


Montevalno is the very apex of civilization. There is no element of life in Montevalno which is not a reflection of art. Even the humblest of food or domain has some spark of creativity and color to it. The true measure of the success of a society, as the Mon would have us think, is to provide means enough that each man may pursue the calling of his heart.

On one hand, this makes Montevalno a hub of artistic learning. Painting, sculpture, music, writing and every other art you can imagine is pursued to the most glorious of heights in the halls of the collegia of Montevalno. On the other hand, it produces a culture full of insecure snobs and drama queens, desperate for recognition for their latest masterpiece. Still, the one thing it will never be is boring.

Proximate, But Not Allied

Montevalno, unlike the other Golden Circle shadows (remember that GC is simply proximity, not a political entity), is not formally allied with Amber. Although a serious attempt has been made at an alliance in the past, the negotiations that were to lead to it were badly disrupted by local events and events in Amber.

Since Montevalno has never been formally allied with Amber, no Amberite has ever laid down a shadowpath connecting Montevalno to anywhere else. However, captains that can sail the shadow seas without the aid of a shadowpath, notably those of House Chantris, Kitezh, and Minos, sometimes know the way, and thus, the shadow is served by the occasional trade ship from those shadows.

However, Montevalno is an "open secret" as a favored vacation spot for Amber's Princes and upper crust, a place for private get-aways (think: the equivalent of visiting the south of France on Earth). It's trivial to find personal passage, aboard a ship, from Amber to Montevalno and vice versa, though most such routes have a stop in Minos first.

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